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and manufactured within a commercial environment. They will drive higher-volume productions, reduce costs and stimulate growth of new applic▓ations and markets. Governments are raising their strategic and economic ambitions, while many non-European industries have already invested significant amounts, both inside and outside Europe. Beijing has placed significant efforts and investments into quantu▓m technol

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ogy research, along with presenting breathtaking t▓echnological projects. The QUESS quantum satellite will be developed in cooperation with European countries▓.  China is becoming a world leader in such technology; a satellite that delivers quantum communicat▓ions to act as a cornerstone for translating cutting-edge research into a strategic asset for the nation.It wi▓ll be launched in July 2016. Chief scientist

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Pan Jianwei said QUESS will complete China's growing quantum communications network, which includes a 2,000-kilometer-long network between Beijing and Shanghai. QUESS's functi▓on is to test the phenomena of quantum entanglement. Operated by the China Academy of Sciences, the 500kg sat▓ellite contains a quantum key communicator, quantu▓m entanglement emitter, entanglement source, processin▓g unit, and a laser communi

cator. QUESS will relay transmissions between two ground stations (one in China, a▓nd the other in Europe) transmitting quantum keys. Pan ▓said the distances involved (QUESS orbits at an

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alt▓itude of 1,000km) would be ideal for testing q

uantum teleportation of photons. The Austrian Academy of Sciences will▓ provide optical

receivers for European ground stations▓. Yet the strangest det

ail of the announcement had to do wi▓th the satellite the group had sel

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ecific markets.

AMP, a German satellite▓ that was de-orbited in 2010. A breakthrough in qu▓antum technology has earned Chi

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na's top science accol▓ade as Chinese President Xi Jinping handed the State Natural Science Award (first

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class) to Pan Jianwei’s t▓eam in Beijing. Pan's team at the University of Science and Technology of

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China in Hefei, Anhui province, set a world record in terms of quantum teleportation, or sendi▓ng quantum information - for example, the exact state▓ of an atom - from o

optical industries. Quantum technologies can mak

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